How to Make a Long Distance Move More Enjoyable

Moving a long distance from one home to another can be a challenge. As you get ready to take on this adventure, you may be nervous about what is to come. However, instead of looking at this move as an obstacle to be overcome, think of it as an opportunity to make some great memories with family or friends. When planned correctly, a long distance move can actually be an enjoyable experience.

Working with the right long distance movers will go a long way toward making this experience a good one, so reach out to Steele & Vaughn today for a free estimate.

Plan Your Route Strategically

If you are working with an experienced moving company like Steele & Vaughn, you won’t have to worry about the route your goods are going to take to reach their destination. You should, however, take some time to think about the route that you and your family will take to get there.

Many people who are moving long distances across the country choose to drive so they can avoid the cost of shipping a vehicle or vehicles. This is a worthwhile strategy, and it opens up many possibilities with a bit of creativity. As you look at the map to plan your route, don’t feel compelled to stick strictly with the shortest distance. Consider adding some miles to your journey if those extra miles will allow you to visit some memorable destinations.

For example, the United States has an amazing National Parks system, and visiting these parks may not be something you have the chance to do regularly. So, if your move is going to take you near an incredible location like Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon, don’t miss the chance to stop by. Visiting one of these parks will transform your drive from something you have to do to something you can’t wait to experience.

Put the Small Details in Place

Even if you are able to plan some great stops like discussed above, there will still be some times when the road seems to stretch on forever and boredom sets in. Plan for those occasions by preparing yourself with the kinds of entertainment that you like to enjoy on the road. If driving alone, audiobooks are a great way to engage your mind on an interesting topic. Podcasts can work nicely for this purpose as well, or you may prefer just to listen to music from your favorite groups. Whatever the case, plan this entertainment in advance so you aren’t scrambling for something in the middle of your journey.

4 Important Things you May Not Know About Renting a Storage Unit During a Move

storage unitsYou may have heard that the first step in getting ready to move is renting a storage unit. It can be a big help for many reasons. If you’re putting your house on the market, a storage unit can help with decluttering. It can make it easier for you to organize your possessions before a move, and even get your things safely moved to your new home. Before you get started, here are five important things you need to know about moving and storage in Greensboro, NC.

  • Not all storage units are climate controlled.

    Depending on what items you are storing, a climate controlled storage unit may be necessary. Climate controlled units sometimes cost more per month, but are also moisture controlled, which will likely keep your items in better condition. If you would typically store it in your garage or attic, climate control is probably not necessary. If you’re storing clothing, furniture, bedding, electronics, or anything that would be negatively impacted by heat, cold, or moisture, go with a climate controlled unit.

  • There may be hidden fees with storage unit rental.

    Beware of super low monthly rates or the promise of a free first month. Typically these offers are too good to be true. Once you get started on the paperwork you’ll find that added fees like insurance and start-up fees begin to add up.

  • Rates may not be fixed.

    Before you sign a contract be sure to ask and read the fine print about the rate per month. Sometimes a promotional rate will run out after a certain number of months and your payment will go up.

  • Different storage facilities have different cutoff dates for clearing out.

    When you’re ready to empty your storage unit, be sure to ask about the date the payment cycle cuts off. Most will give you a certain date of the month to have the unit cleared out and inspected to avoid paying for the next month. Be sure to let the storage facility know once you have cleared out your unit so that they can inspect and sign off on it to end your contract. Also, be sure to stop any automatic drafts. If you were sending an auto payment from your bank, be sure to cancel that with your bank.

Steele and Vaughn Offers Both Moving and Storage in Greensboro, NC

Since moving and storage services are so often needed in tandem, Steele and Vaughn offer both. Storage units and containers can be a huge help during a move, whether local or long distance. Declutter your home and have your things safely stored and moved so that you can access them when you need them. If you’re in need of moving and storage in Greensboro, NC, call Steele and Vaughn: (336) 273-0546.

4 Things to Consider When Moving with School Aged Children

kid smilingMoving is never easy, and there’s no perfect time or stage of life to do it. Moving with school-aged children comes with its own unique challenges. Whether the move is local or far enough away to require a change in schools, there will be an adjustment period before and after the move. Give the kids, and especially yourself, a little grace during that time and everyone will come through it just fine. Hiring the right moving service in Greensboro, NC can help take the stress out of your move and ensure that everything goes smoothly. Here are four of the most important things to consider when moving with school-aged children.

Moving can be a source of anxiety for kids.

  • No matter what the circumstances around the move (upgrading homes, a parental job change, divorce, etc.) school-aged children may feel some anxiety about it. As a parent you can:
  • Be understanding.
  • Show compassion and support.
  • Include the kids in the planning process so they feel a sense of control. Let them help pack and unpack and make decisions about their own rooms.

Kids may act out in anger and other negative ways.

  • You can expect that anxiety may take the form of anger. Children may lash out at parents, blaming them for the unwanted changes in their lifestyle. As a parent try to:
  • Remain calm. Speak to them reassuringly.
  • Listen. Just hear them out. Sometimes kids just need a safe space to vent their feelings.
  • Return to a place of mutual respect after the blowup.

Some kids may appear to be fine when they aren’t.

  • If a child is not acting up and seems fine, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are. What can you do to find out?
  • Check in with your quiet child. Ask them how they are feeling about the move.
  • Listen and assure them that it’s ok to feel however they are feeling.

Kids (in general) are resilient and they will adjust.

  • Most of the time, children will adjust perfectly well after a move. Some may take more time to feel comfortable than others. What can you do to help them adjust?
  • Allow them to decorate their own room. Let them pick out some décor items and colors that will help them feel more at home and excited about the new house.
  • Check in with them now and then and ask questions about how they are feeling. Assure them that they can talk to you anytime about their feelings.
  • If a child seems to be having a particularly difficult time adjusting to the move, consider other resources such as guidance counselors at school or your pediatrician.

The Benefits of Using a Moving Service in Greensboro, NC

With all the stress of moving with school-aged kids, make the physical move itself less stressful by hiring a reliable moving service in Greensboro, NC, such as Steele and Vaughn. A reputable moving service can handle as much of your move as you wish, from packing to loading to unloading and unpacking so that you can focus on what really matters—your kids. Call Steele and Vaughn today to reserve your moving date: (336) 273-0546.

Moving Boxes: A Guide For Which Boxes To Use For Your Things

woman holding boxIt doesn’t matter if you’re moving across the country or across town, packing your things securely is important so that they arrive safely at your new home. A Greensboro moving company like Steele & Vaughn can pack your things for you if you want to be sure they are packed professionally, or they can provide you with professional quality boxes and packing material so that you can do it yourself. Here are some tips from moving experts on how to pack your furniture and other items in the right boxes to ensure that they get to your new home in one piece:

Use Book Boxes For Heavy Items

Book boxes or medium sized boxes are best used for heavy items like books, binders, school supplies, office supplies, and family scrapbooks. The smaller size will ensure that you don’t overload the box and cause it to rip or break or make it too heavy to move easily. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when packing items is packing too many heavy things in one box. You should plan on having many of these medium sizes boxes because they are great for holding a wide variety of items.

Wardrobe Boxes Are Best For Clothes And Coats

You can fit more items of clothing in a wardrobe box than in a regular box unless they are small items like children’s clothing. You can hang items in a wardrobe box so there is more available space. Plus, keeping nice clothes like suit jackets, blouses, and dresses hanging up will prevent them from developing serious wrinkles. Sweaters, coats, and other bulky clothing items will fit more easily into a wardrobe box. As a general rule, you should plan on having one wardrobe box for each person in the family for their regular clothes and then one for winter clothing or specialty clothing. For moving children’s clothing, winter hats and gloves, or sheets, towels, and linens, wardrobe boxes that are horizontal rather than vertical can hold a lot of items.

Dish Packs Hold More Than Just Dishes

Padded dish packs are fantastic for moving all sorts of items, not just dishes. Any fragile items like vases, picture frames, and decorative glassware can be packed safely and securely in a padded pack so that there’s no danger of the glass breaking during the move. If you pack creatively, you can even get small lamps and other breakable items packed into a dish pack. You should get at least one more dish pack than you think you will need because they are very useful for packing all kinds of items. Dish packs can also be used to safely move things like bottles of wine or liquor. Consider these if you have a wine collection or a fully stocked bar, or even if you have liquids that you need to move for a hobby like home brewing, soap and candle making, or if you are moving essential oils and other delicate items in jars or bottles.

When you’re ready to move, choose a Greensboro moving company like Steele & Vaughn that has years of experience to help you get all your household items safely to your new home.

Ask Your Greensboro Moving Company: What to Leave Behind When Moving

moving saleMoving can be a real hassle. But one good thing about it is that you have a good reason to lighten your load a bit and get rid of things you don’t need. There are also some things that should be left behind in a home after moving according to standard protocol. Get rid of as much as possible before calling a Greensboro moving company and you can save some money on your move.

Things to Purge and Sell/Donate

These are the things you should do your best to pare down before moving to reduce the number of boxes you’ll require, which could even reduce the size of truck you’ll need and make your move more affordable and less stressful.

  • Clothes – Go through your clothes and get rid of anything you haven’t worn in the last year, including shoes.
  • Electronics – Old computers, phones, televisions, game consoles, and all the wires and chargers that come with them should be donated or sold. Be sure to delete any personal information off of computers and phones before selling or donating.
  • Toys – If the kids have outgrown it or haven’t played with it in a long time, it should go. If your kids have a hard time parting with their old toys, consider selling them and letting the kids have the profit. Or take them to a donation spot and let them see how happy their old toys can make another child.
  • Anything broken – If you haven’t fixed it by now, you aren’t going to. Pitch it.
  • Anything else you haven’t used in the last year – Life is too short to hang onto items that have no meaning to you. There’s a method some use: hold the item for a few seconds and see if it brings you any joy. If not, it goes.

Things to Leave in Your Home as a Courtesy to the New Residents

There are some items that are required to be left behind, others that are typically left behind, and still more items that you should leave behind as a courtesy to the new owners. Your real estate agent can usually give you a list and help you with negotiations with the buyer about what will be left and what will be taken. Your Greensboro moving company will also know this information and can advise you in the packing and loading process.

  • Required items to leave behind: Anything bolted to the wall such as curtain rods, things in the ground like the mailbox and landscaping, built-in shelving, smoke detectors, and other items that are not so easily removed.
  • Typical items to leave behind: The refrigerator (although this is negotiable with the buyer), stove, built-in microwave, dishwasher, alarm system, light fixtures, other appliances.
  • Items to leave as a courtesy: Owner’s manuals and warranty information for any appliances that are staying behind, leftover paint cans, window treatments, a guide to outdoor plants and trees, spare floorboards, fence posts, and other extra supplies from any renovations.

Looking for a trustworthy Greensboro moving company?

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