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Trustworthy Piano Moving Service in Greensboro, NC

Moving usually means a new adventure is coming. This can be exciting, but also overwhelming once you realize so many things need to be done before it actually begins.

As a homeowner, you have to get a new place, pack and load your goods, ensure a job transition, find a new school for your kids, and make sure your goods will arrive on time and in great condition. But, what happens when you have heavy or delicate possessions, like an old piano, keeping you from moving forward with the moving process?

It can be hard for a homeowner to walk away from a valuable belonging like this one, whether it was inherited or an investment.

You can always consider selling your piano (depending on its condition), donating it to a non-profit organization or giving it as a gift to a family member or friend. However, if you are really interested in keeping it, we have a solution.

Steele & Vaughn is your trusted Greensboro Moving Company. We take off the burden of your shoulders by providing a great piano moving service. You can count on our team to deliver your valuable instrument safely to your new home with proper piano moving equipment. We have plenty of experience moving pianos all across the country.

Our committed team of professionals is trained to protect every part of it, so you can take it anywhere! With Steele & Vaughn, you will be playing very soon in your new place for an affordable price. Reach out for help without any obligation.

Happy Clients, Happy Us

Our success is measured by how our clients feel about their experience with us. Take a look at the following review:

“Quality Excellent – My husband and I had a very good experience with Steele and Vaughn. Our move went smoothly and the price was just right. Earl and James were hardworking and took time and care with all our things. I would definitely suggest them to friends, coworkers, and family. Actually, I already have!” – Holly C

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