Leave all the moving hassle in our hands while you sit back and relax.

Moving to a new house can be exciting, for it is a new adventure waiting for us out there, but it can also suddenly become a stressful situation when we think about all the hassle it entails.

Not to mention, there comes an age in which the thought of moving someplace new, having to pack, load, unload, unpack, carry heavy stuff, getting to start anew, can become less exciting.

With more than 80 years of experience, our team of professionals at Steele & Vaughn Greensboro, NC, understands the inconvenience moving may involve for senior citizens and because we care for their comfort, safety, and well being, we take care of everything related to the moving process.


Complete Nationwide Moving Company

One of the primary and common concerns about moving companies our customers have is about the reach of the service, meaning how far can the moving company provides its service.

With this consideration in mind, Steele & Vaughn has affiliated with many industries and communities, such as NASSM (National Association of Senior Move Management), to provide you with the best quality service possible.

Our 50+ program provided relocating seniors with special moving rates, packing, unpacking, and storage discounts, and savings on valuation protection services.

As a National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASSM) member company, we understand the unique needs of seniors moving into age-restricted communities.

Plus, we have the nationwide (and global) resources and specialized service to relocate seniors to long-distance retirement areas.

Save More than Time and Effort in Your Moving

We understand moving can become stressful, and even more so if we start worrying about the costs.

Steele & Vaughn wants your experience to be as pleasant as possible, and because of our senior specialized services, we offer exclusive discounts to help you save and bring you affordable prices, such as:

  • Seniors being eligible for 50+ program that offers unique move benefits and savings
  • Veterans of the armed forces access to special moving services and rates

Steele & Vaughn is committed to providing expert quality service at an affordable price throughout the greater Greensboro area. Whether you are moving around the block or across the country, we will work to offer the best possible move value.