Storage and Warehouse Company in Winston-Salem, NC

Planning on remodeling your home? Have you thought about what you will do with your households and personal belongings? 

Depending on the magnitude of the remodeling, there will be many workers walking in and out, with heavy equipment and materials that will require a lot of space. In this situation, the best thing to do, in order to keep your belongings free from damages or from being stolen is to move them and store them with Steele & Vaughn Moving and Storage.

Either if you need short or long term storage, we are the best solutions for your storage needs in Winston-Salem. We have safe, secure and well-maintained storage to meet your personal or business needs.


Steele & Vaughn offers:

  • Superior warehouse space
  • A facility electronically protected against fire and burglary
  • Storage areas that are U.S. Government inspected and approved.
  • Storage is completely containerized
  • Carefully packed containers free from dust, damage, or lost articles
  • The industry’s most current techniques in storage, furniture wrapping, and protection for your stored possessions
  • A facility that is available for customer inventory or inspection
  • A staff dedicated to excellent warehouse management and controls

Our experienced staff know how to handle your goodies and will treat them with special care, just as if they were precious antiques, every single one of them and not only those that are fragile. 

Get Professional Help

We have been proudly serving North Carolina for more than 80 years, with thousands of happy customers, because we keep caring about you and your belongings the same way we would as if they were ours. Rest assured that your households and personal or company belongings will be safer than ever with us. 

Our staff is trained to handle the warehouse with high standards, to guarantee the good condition of your items. Don’s stress no more, and contact us for your storage needs.