10 Packing Hacks that will Save You Time, Space, and maybe even Your Sanity

Is there anybody who enjoys moving? It can be stressful and time-consuming, from finding quality moving companies in Greensboro, to packing everything you own into boxes, to the unpacking and re-organizing process. If you are looking to minimize the stress, try these packing hacks to save time, space, and your sanity.  

  1. Roll, don’t fold. When packing for your big move, roll your clothes and linens instead of folding them. Rolling saves more space than folding and allows you to fit more into a box.  
  2. Leave hung items on hangers. Anything that is on hangers, leave it that way. Just put them straight into your car or the moving truck to transport them to the new space, and carry them directly to the closets. If you are worried about them getting dirty, place a garbage bag over them and make a hole for the hangers. 
  3. Do not waste space.  Fill items such as dressers, suitcases, chests, etc. so that you are utilizing all available space. These items will be heavier, but in the end, this will save you a lot of time. 
  4. Purge first. Try to do this before packing up anything and leave items that you would like to donate in a designated area. This will also give you a chance to throw things away that you no longer need or know charity will not accept. 
  5. Wrap jewelry in plastic wrap. Keep your jewelry from tangling by laying it out on plastic wrap, side by side, then lay another piece of plastic wrap over top of that. From there, you can fold the wrapped jewelry and stuff it into a bag safely. 
  6. Keep screws and hardware organized. If you unscrew a piece of furniture, put all of the pieces into a Ziploc bag and tape the bag to that item. This will keep your hardware organized to reassemble your furniture later. 
  7. Label/mark everything. One of the easiest things to do is to pack and mark each box by room. As you move in the new space, you can drop each box in its assigned room. This makes it very easy for your moving company too. 
  8. Wall holes? They are easy to fix. You might find wall holes at your old space where you hung items. Especially if you were renting, you will want to fix these to avoid being charged for their repair or losing any security deposit you may have paid. A hack to fixing tiny wall holes is to take some plain white toothpaste and fill in the hole. It will harden and look as good as new. 
  9. Floor stains? That’s easy to fix too. Floor stains can be a big issue for renters. A hack to cleaning carpet stains is to mix a quarter cup of white vinegar with three-quarters of a cup of water, spray onto the stain and cover with a towel. Set your iron to the highest steam setting and go over the towel that is covering the stain and like magic, the stain will disappear. 
  10. Create box handles. Have you noticed that lots of packing boxes do not have handles? An easy hack to fix this is to take a box cutter and cut out an upside-down triangle on each side of the box to create your own handles. 

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