10 Tips for Using Movers

cardboard boxes in an empty apartmentIf you have never used movers before, you might be a little unsure about how the process works – and a little uncomfortable with the idea of letting strangers move your things. Not to worry! Using Greensboro movers is a simple and reliable process, especially when you partner with Steele & Vaughn. The 10 tips below will get you off to a good start.


1 – Start Early

It’s important to start as early as possible when you plan to use movers to help you get from one place to the next. Moving services will often be booked up during busy times of the year, so secure your spot on the schedule as soon as you know when you’ll be moving.


2 – Pick a Qualified Candidate

You don’t want to trust something as important as moving all of your stuff to someone who hasn’t proven their ability to get the job done. Go with a tested company that has a great reputation so you can be sure that you are in good hands.


3 – Get a Clear Quote

All movers that you talk to about this project should be willing to give you an honest, upfront quote for their services. If you can’t get a quote in writing, simply move on to the next option on your list.


4 – Cut Down on Clutter

There is no need to move things that you are simply going to throw out or give away when you get to your next home. Take some time to go through that process now so you can move less stuff, save money, and avoid cluttering up your new place.


5 – Clear Labels Are Critical

Since you won’t be the one doing the moving, make sure to label everything clearly before the day of the move arrives. Labels on boxes that indicate where those boxes should go in the new house will make your life much easier.


6 – Keep Important Personal Items with You

Even when working with a trusted moving team, it will still put your mind at ease to know that you have kept important personal items – like certain pieces of jewelry – with you instead of handing them over to the moving company.


7 – Be There

You don’t want to leave the movers alone to make decisions on things that they might not know how to resolve without your input. Be available on moving day to make sure things run smoothly.


8 – Show Appreciation

It’s a good idea to tip your movers for a job well done to show them that you appreciate all of the hard work that has gone into the process.


9 – Ask About Special Situations

If you know there is a complicating factor involved in the move, ask about that issue upfront to make sure it won’t pose a problem later on.


10 – Check Everything Carefully

When the move has been completed, take some time to go through your belongings, check the boxes, and make sure no problems are found. You will want to address any issues with the moving company right away so you can get any issues resolved.


Having a long distance moving company on your side can take much of the stress out of the moving process. Whether you are coming or going from this area, Steele & Vaughn is the Greensboro moving company that you can trust to handle your things with care and deliver great value from start to finish.

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