5 Things Most People Forget When Planning a Long Distance Move

Making a long distance move is not easy. It can be stressful and daunting, especially if it’s your first big relocation. There are some things to be sure to remember that are easily forgotten when making a long-distance move. Be sure to hire a long distance moving company with the experience to handle big relocations.  

  1. Set Up Mail Forwarding. This seems like an obvious thing, and yet it is often forgotten. You may remember to give your new address to friends and family, but you need to set up your forwarding address with the post office prior to your move so that your mail will be sent to your new house. You don’t want to miss any important bills or have your private mail sent to a stranger.  
  2. Cancel Prearranged Services. Do you have a lawn care service? Pool cleaning? Heating and air conditioning maintenance? These are the types of services you need to remember to cancel before you move, otherwise the new owners of your old home may consider them unwelcome visitors. You can leave contact information for the new owners in case they want to continue services.  
  3. Refill and Transfer Medication Prescriptions. Make sure you have enough of all of your medications prior to moving. It may take a while to get all of your prescriptions transferred to a new pharmacy, and you don’t want to be without an important medication while you get it straightened out. You may also need to find a new doctor in your new hometown in order to secure further refills.  
  4. Transfer Bank Accounts. If your preferred financial institution has a branch in the town you’re moving to, you’re in luck. But if not, you may need to transfer your funds to a different bank or credit union in your new hometown. Open a new account in the area you’re moving to and be sure to close out the old one before you leave, just in case you need to sign any paperwork or withdraw any funds in person.  
  5. Reserve a Long Distance Moving Company Well in Advance. Not all moving companies are equipped to handle a cross-country move. If you want to be sure your experience is hassle-free, do your research and find a reliable long distance moving company. Then be sure to book them way in advance, as soon as you settle on a moving date. Reservations fill up fast, so be sure to secure your spot early.  

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Steele and Vaughn has been helping Greensboro customers with moving services since 1934. No matter how far you’re moving, whether across town or overseas, the team at Steele and Vaughn is up to the task. You can trust that your valuable possessions will travel safely from one household to the next, whatever the distance between them. For a stress-free move, call a five-star long distance moving company. (336)273-0546.  

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