7 Tips for Moving with Small Children and Keeping your Sanity

Yes, it is possible. You can move the whole family to a new house, whether across town or out of state, and keep your sanity, even with little ones. What’s the secret? There are a few tips that can really make things easier, including hiring experienced movers in Greensboro, NC. If you want to make your move as painless as possible, read on. 

  1. Allow Plenty of Time. This goes for all aspects of the process from packing and loading to unloading and unpacking. Everything takes longer with kids, including moving, so prepare yourself in advance and build in extra time for all tasks. 
  2. Have the Kids Pack a Small Bag of Favorites. Let the kids each pack a backpack of their absolute favorite toys that they wouldn’t want to do without for even a few days. Assist them with this packing and be sure to include some items that will keep them engaged during travel or downtime. These bags should stay out of the moving truck and in the family vehicle.  
  3. Pack Suitcases with a Few Days Clothes and Toiletries. Pack a bag for every member of the family with enough essentials for a few days. Don’t forget diapers, wipes, medications, and other things you may need immediately. These bags should not be loaded into the moving truck but brought along in the family vehicle.  
  4. Color Code Boxes. Use colored tape to label boxes so they are easily sorted and will end up in the right place. Assign a color to each room and boxes are quickly identifiable at first glance. Kids who aren’t yet reading can even help with small items. 
  5. Pack and Purge Toys when Kids are Asleep or Not Home. Even if they haven’t played with a toy in years, kids will suddenly develop an attachment to everything they have ever owned if they think you’re going to get rid of it. Pack and purge toys without the kids.  
  6. Utilize Childcare Whenever Possible. If grandparents or other family members are there to help with the move, consider asking them to entertain the kids rather than pack or unpack boxes. You can get a lot more done without the kids underfoot and because you know where you want your things to go.  
  7. Hire the Best Movers in Greensboro, NC. The easiest way to move is to hire a moving company. There are different options with movers when it comes to packing and unpacking. The team at Steele and Vaughn will pack up your home, load it onto the truck, drive the truck to your new home, unload, and unpack for you. If you want to do the packing yourself, the movers can come and do the heavy lifting and loading. The more you have the movers do for you, the more time you will have for your kids during the transition. 

Looking for Reliable Movers in Greensboro, NC? Call Steele and Vaughn 

Make the move as easy on you and the kids as possible. Hire expert movers who can help with every aspect of your move, even down to the storage of items you can’t fit in your new home. Responsible, experienced movers in Greensboro, NC like Steele and Vaughn will take good care of your things and insure your most valuable assets. You can have a hassle-free move. Call (336)273-0546 to reserve your moving date today.  

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