There Is a Best Time to Put Your House on the Market

Moving graphic - family with boxes behind them moving in Greensboro NCYou may have wondered about this if you’ve ever thought about selling your home. Is there a certain time of year that is best to put your home on the market? You may have heard that spring is the best season to sell a home. The weather is nice, flowers are blooming, and people are house hunting. Statistics show that it can actually be narrowed down to a more specific time frame. Put your house on the market at the right time, and it might be snapped up fast. Don’t get caught unprepared for a quick sale. Do your research on movers in Greensboro, NC, before you put your house on the market so you’ll be ready to move out if you get a good offer.

For Best Results Put Your House on the Market in the Month of May

Real estate statistics show that more homes sell between May 1st and May 15th than any other time in the year. And they sold for 1% more than average sales. But it’s important to understand the process. You will need to prepare well in advance of May 1st to have your home ready to be listed by then. How far in advance? That depends on the extent of the work your home requires to be sale-ready. A deep cleaning, yard work, and some basic staging may only take a few weeks, where painting, remodeling, planting, etc. may take months. It’s never too early to have a real estate agent come by and give you suggestions for improvements and an idea of what your listing price could be. Let the experts help you sell your home as fast as possible and for the highest possible price.

In Contrast, May is Not the Best Time to Buy a House

Unfortunately, the reasons that May is a good time to sell a house are the same reasons that May is not a good time to buy a house. Houses are selling fast, meaning it’s difficult to find one in the first place. And if you do find one you like, you may find yourself in a bidding war with another potential buyer, meaning you will likely end up paying more. Will the 1% more you get for your house balance out the extra amount you will spend on a new house? Probably not. Also, May through August is the busy time for movers in Greensboro, NC, meaning you may struggle to find reliable movers who are available during this timeframe.

Reserve your Movers in Greensboro, NC, Well in Advance if at all Possible

If you do plan to sell your home and buy a new one in the spring, its best to reserve your movers as soon as possible. Once you know your closing date for your new home, schedule your moving date. Choose reliable movers in Greensboro, NC, Steele and Vaughn and rest assured your possessions will make the transition safely. Call (336) 273-0546 to reserve your moving date today.

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