How Long Does It Take for Kids to Adjust to a Move?

Greensboro Movers Delivering Moving ServiceMoving is a challenge for everyone in a family. Even if the family members are excited about all of the possibilities that a move will open up, there are still some bumps in the road that need to be cleared. For kids, change can be a little harder to accept, and parents will naturally want to help them get through it as quickly as possible so they can embrace their new life. The content below will look at some of the basics regarding how kids can adjust to a move successfully.


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Lay the Groundwork for Success

While there is no one set timeframe that will apply to all kids who have to adjust to a move, there are plenty of things parents can do to help this process go smoothly. The first step is to talk to the kids about it as soon as possible. They are going to need time to get used to the reality that they will be moving, and you don’t want to spring it on them too suddenly.


There is a good chance that some of these conversations will be a little difficult, but that’s to be expected. Providing your family with enough time to process the change and talk through their concerns is going to be an important step. Then, when the time to move does come around, it will be less of a shock, and hopefully the emotional adjustment will be smoother.


Give Them Power

It’s going to be harder for the kids to adjust to a move if they don’t feel like they have any power or control during the process. While it’s an adult decision to move, you could give the kids some agency over things like new activities that they are going to start once you land in a new place. Or, you might simply let them help pack up their things and decide how to organize their boxes. Small steps can go a long way toward making this easier on everyone.


Getting Involved

The best way to wind up feeling connected to a new place and adjust to new routines is to get involved in that area. If your child is interested in sports, joining a team or a school program can help them to meet new friends and do something that is fun and active. For young kids, even just going to the local playground to interact with others and start to form connections will be a big help.


Kids are excellent at adapting, but sometimes they need a bit of time and assistance to get settled in properly. Whether you need a long distance moving company to help with a major transition, or you are looking at local moving companies for a smaller shift, Steele & Vaughn can handle the logistics so you can worry about taking care of your family and making everyone comfortable during the move.

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