How to Downsize for a Move: Tips for Letting Go and Simplifying Your Life!

Have you been feeling like you might own more than you need? That’s a common issue for many people, so you certainly aren’t alone. This issue is highlighted when getting ready to move – you may not have realized just how much you own until you are faced with the task of packing it up and getting it loaded on a truck for a move. This article will offer some tips on how you can downsize in advance of an upcoming move to make life easier for everyone.


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Start With the Easy Stuff

The challenge of getting rid of things can be a big one. That’s especially true if you have a large number of possessions, and you feel like there is no way you can go through them all in the time you have left before a move.


Fortunately, you don’t have to go through it all. In fact, you can make significant progress just by picking off the easy items that aren’t hard to let go of. As a starting point to downsize before a move, walk around your house and garage and try to pick out ten things you don’t want anymore. Most likely, you’ll wind up finding this to be an easy exercise, and you might even come away with much much more than ten. It’s easy to have possessions pile up over the years and you may not even realize you still own some of the things that have been hiding in a closet or the attic.


Putting the Ball in Motion

The great thing about the idea of just starting with only ten items is that it allows you to build some momentum toward downsizing how many things you own. Once that ball is rolling, you’ll find that you enjoy the feeling of letting go, and you might notice that there is a freedom that comes with owning fewer things. Soon enough, you’ll start spotting more and more things about the house that can be tossed out, sold, or given away.


Making the Job Easier

Moving is going to be more approachable, and cost less, if you own fewer things. That’s a simple equation to understand, and it all starts with the first exercise of just getting rid of a few items that you no longer need or enjoy. Push aside the notion that this has to be a big, dramatic process and just get started as soon as possible. When the move comes around, you’ll be happy that you took the time now to get ready.


Request an Estimate Today

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