How to Downsize for a Move: Tips for Letting Go and Simplifying Your Life!

Photo of boxes for moving in Greensboro NCPreparing for a move is a great time to take a closer look at everything you own to determine what items you can let go of once and for all. Not only will downsizing your volume of possessions make it easier to move into your new home, but that home will be less cluttered once you do move. This article is going to offer up some helpful tips to make downsizing as simple and straightforward as possible.


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An Easy Start

It’s easy to feel ambitious when you first start thinking about downsizing, and you might decide that you are going to get rid of absolutely everything you don’t use. That’s a great goal, but it’s a bit ambitious – at least at first. This process might be a little harder than you expect, so consider setting some very modest goals in the beginning.


For example, try setting aside some time this weekend to find five things to throw away and five more things to give away. That might not sound like a lot, but it will get the ball rolling. The first time or two you do this, it will be pretty easy, but you can expect it to get tougher as the obvious things are thinned out and tougher decisions await.


A Purgatory Box

The concept of a purgatory box is a great way to inch closer and closer to reaching your overall downsizing goals. When you encounter items that you think you might want to get rid of, but you aren’t completely sure, add them to this box and place them somewhere like a closet or a garage.


You can think of this as a trial period for not having the item. If you find that you really do want that item back, you can retrieve it – but most likely, you’ll never think about it again, and at some point, you’ll just toss it out or give it away.


Accept Your Emotions

You might be surprised to find how emotional it can be to go through your things and try to get rid of some of them. Even things that you didn’t think of as sentimental might have some kind of pull over you emotionally. And that’s okay. Denying those emotions is not a winning strategy. Allow yourself time to process those feelings before later deciding if the item needs to stay in your life or if you can let it go.


Start Now

Lastly, for these techniques to work effectively, you need to start as long before the move as possible. Even if it seems like your move is still a ways off, start downsizing immediately so you don’t have to rush at the last minute. That way, you’ll gradually own fewer things as the moving day arrives, and everything will feel easier as a result.

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