How to Move Your Arcade or Pool Table

Some of the things you own will be easy to move. Your clothes, for example, can be boxed up and transported wherever they need to go. Those boxes won’t be particularly heavy, and they won’t be fragile. The story is different for an arcade machine or pool table, however. These are heavy items that could be broken if not moved properly and carefully. This article will offer some basic advice on how to make it through a move successfully with these unique and valuable possessions.

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A Pool Table Plan

First up, the pool table. If you have the necessary space in your home, a pool table is a great way to enjoy friendly competition with family and friends. As you may already know, pool tables are extremely heavy – meaning you aren’t going to be able to move your table all in one piece. Most tables are made up of three slabs for the playing surface, along with various other components like legs, rails, and pockets.

So, the key to moving a pool table successfully is to have it taken apart and moved in pieces. Ideally, this task will be performed by a professional who has experience with the construction – and deconstruction – of pool tables. It’s not as simple as just loosening a few screws and pulling it apart. Also, when the components arrive at your new home, they should be assembled by a pro who can make sure the playing surface is perfectly level and all components are secured in place. The cost of getting help from a pro will be well worth it when your table plays just as well in your new house as it did in your old one.

Dealing with Arcade Equipment

Whether you have a single arcade machine or a whole collection, you’ll need a detailed plan for moving these games safely. In this case, the key is to remember that an arcade machine is a piece of electronics – just a particularly large piece of electronics. So, you have to treat it with just as much care as you would something like a computer or television. That means wrapping up the arcade equipment, so the screens aren’t exposed, joysticks won’t get damaged, etc.

Also, be sure to have enough people on hand to move these items safely and without damage. Arcade machines are heavy and can be awkward to lift due to their shape. Trying to move one without the right number of people or equipment may put you at personal risk for injury or could cause you to drop the machine. As with moving a pool table, moving an arcade machine is made far easier through the use of a professional team. Pro movers will have experience with heavy and awkward items and will be able to both package them up carefully and move them in a way that avoids damage.

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