How to Organize Your Move for Less Stress

There is bound to be a certain degree of stress that comes along with the moving process. Moving to a new home requires you to complete many different steps, and the practical side of the move is only part of the challenge – the emotional toll of moving is noteworthy, as well. If you are starting to feel stressed just thinking about an upcoming move, this article will highlight some basic tips to avoid, or minimize, those feelings.


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Create a Master Checklist

One great way to cut down on stress in this process is to build a master list that contains everything you need to remember to do. Having a main list is a great way to give yourself peace of mind, as you won’t have to worry about holding onto everything that needs to be done in your head. As long as you trust that everything is on that list, you can always look back at it to be sure nothing has fallen between the cracks. You can find the Steele & Vaughn moving checklist here:  Moving Checklist


Put Time On Your Side

It’s common for people who are getting ready to move to put off their tasks as long as possible – until it is pretty much too late and they are scrambling to get everything done. Start making progress as soon as possible so you can chip away at this project rather than trying to do it all at the very end.


Get Rid of Some Stuff!

This just might be the best single piece of advice related to moving. Simply put, you probably own more things than you need or want, and selling or otherwise getting rid of some of that clutter will make your move so much easier. Think of it this way – why go through the effort of moving things that you are just going to get rid of later? Get rid of those things now and make your move easier, and more affordable.


Create an Essentials Box

There are certain things that you won’t want to be without during the moving process. Some of these things may include a few key pieces of clothing, some toiletries, personal documents, and more. Dedicate a specific box for this kind of stuff so you don’t have to scramble to find it – or stress that it might be lost.


Use a Professional Team

Don’t take on a challenge as big as moving without the best team available in your corner. Instead, use the experienced and fastidious  team at Steele & Vaughn to get the job done with minimal stress. Good movers that those at Steele & Vaughn will be careful with your things, will have the right equipment for the job, and will get everything done in a timely manner. Take a moment today to schedule your move and feel the stress start to melt away.

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