Körner’s Folly

The Körner’s Folly is a historic home in Kernersville, North Carolina. It was built in 1880 by Jule Gilmer Körner. It is a three-story, twelve-bay eccentric brick house that has four bays and is 48 feet wide on each side. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Körner’s Folly is a beautiful place to spend the day. It is located at 413 S Main St, Kernersville, NC 27284.

Korner’s Folly was designed by Jule Gilmer Korner in the early 1800s to display his portfolio of work. It has a total of 22 rooms, seven floors, fifteen fireplaces, and a private theater. The home features cast-plaster details, intricate carved woodwork, and original furnishings. It’s worth taking a few hours to tour this house museum and appreciate the craftsmanship of the original occupants.

Korner’s Folly is an interesting historical structure in Kernersville. The roof looks like a witch’s hat, while its windows have different sizes. The building’s exterior is made up of eight different types of brick. The home is open to the public for tours and special events. It has a fascinating history that has captivated people for over a century. If you’re looking for a place to stay for the night, you’ll find plenty of options in this historic city of Kernersville.

While visiting Korner’s Folly, be sure to bring a camera. The house’s interior is adorned with Victorian trinkets and furniture. There are also seven levels of historic spaces, and even a century-old sign written on the walls! Even the most knowledgeable historian would be surprised by the treasures in this historic home. If you’re interested in historic preservation, this is definitely a place to visit.

In addition to its unique design, Korner’s Folly was built for entertaining. The building materials used were all locally-produced, which was an additional indicator of the endless possibilities. In addition to a variety of materials, the Folly also included a tapestry. It was an interesting place to visit if you love art and design.

Korner’s Folly also houses the oldest private theater in the country. Originally, children’s theater performances were performed in the Long Room of the residence. It now houses the Korner’s Folly Foundation and hosts children’s puppet shows. The home has become known as Cupid’s Park, a name that evokes the cupids of Caesar Milch. The Korner’s Folly Foundation continues to present puppet shows at the home, and is even home to the oldest theater in the country. Check this out.

The Korner’s Folly has been renovated several times, but its main attraction remains the same: the interior design of the house. The Folly was built during the late 19th century. The house has 22 rooms, three floors, and seven levels. Its interior decor was so unique that a relative called it “folly”; however, Korner embraced it.

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