Moving & National Simplify Your Life Week

The first week of August is recognized as National Simplify Your Life Week and if there is one thing we here at Steele & Vaughn know about, it is how to simplify your Greensboro Move!

Greensboro Movers know that moving is no small task. When you look at the mountain of things to do, one can feel overwhelmed very quickly. This creates a stress level that impedes the simplicity of your move. Moving does not have to be so difficult.  Steele & Vaughn would like to offer some tips to simplify life for our Greensboro Movers. Check out these moving tips that will simplify your life.

  • Start by hiring a trusted reputable local Greensboro moving company-These days it is easy to find the right Greensboro mover with the internet at your fingertips.  You will want to hire an insured mover such as Steele & Vaughn who is a Better Business Bureau accredited business and has the American Moving and Storage ProMover certification. You also want a Greensboro Mover who will provide you with an on-site moving estimate in writing. We can do that too. Simple!
  • Follow a plan-Create a time line that includes everything you need to do all the way up to delivery day. When you can clearly see your move plan, it simplifies everything! Let our Move Planner simplify your move process. Read Here. Simple!
  • Create an inventory of all the items you will be moving-It helps you keep track of what you are moving to ensure that everything you intended arrives safely.
  • Have all the right packing materials at your fingertips. That way you’ll have everything you need to protect your belongings. Or! Simplify even further and hire Steele & Vaughn to help with all of your packing. Simple!
  • Create a moving file-This will serve as the one place you place all your move paperwork. Everything from your estimates to your receipts, your move plan, and your inventory can be placed neatly into one file folder. You will know exactly where everything is. Simple!

At Steele & Vaughn, we are all about Simple. Let National Simplify Your Life Week be a reminder to our Greensboro Movers that moving can be simple. We are here at Steele & Vaughn to help pave the way to your new home. Simple!