Moving Tips for the Elderly

Moving is never easy. Even for the young and fit, it’s one of the most challenging life event. There is just something unsettling about not having our “stuff” exactly where it’s always been.  For the elderly, moving can be even more stressful and disorienting.  Fortunately, there are many ways to make such a big life change much more manageable no matter your age or circumstances.


Before you call one of the best movers in Greensboro, Steele & Vaughn Moving and Storage, here are a few things to make your move, and life, easier:


Give Plenty of Time


The longer we live in one place, the deeper our roots grow and the harder it is to move elsewhere.


Elderly residents are best served having a little more time to move. Elderly movers have different considerations. Access to schools is important for a young family – but an elderly mover is more interested in easy access to shopping and medical facilities.


They’ll also need to put some serious thought into possessions. Are they downsizing? Will they need to put things into storage, or sell them? These decisions shouldn’t be made lightly and may take a little extra time.


Get Familiar With the Location First


How places look online or in house listings can be very different to how they are in person. It’s important for elderly movers to get familiar with their intended location before they move. Visit the area, know where the shops are, how easy it is to get to certain places of interest. This will make life a lot easier when they get settled at their new residence.


Let People Know


We all want to be as independent as possible at any stage of life, but moving is one of those times where help is of utmost importance. Elderly residents should be sure to let family know of their intention to move so there are no unexpected surprises later. The more people aware of the move and able to help, the easier the move will be.


They should also be sure to contact moving companies in Greensboro to let them know their circumstances and see what services they offer. Make sure you select movers in Greensboro that are accommodating to the special needs of elderly residents.


Make Plans for The Current Home


Renovate? Repair? Or leave as-is? When moving out of a well lived-in home, there are many considerations with what to do with the property itself. This is one of the reasons it’s so important for elderly residents to have plenty of time before their move. It may be best to leave the home in its current state if it’s well-maintained. Weighing up the benefit of repairs and renovations versus the stress of performing those updates needs to be considered.


Hire Packers


Packing specialists are invaluable to anybody moving. Elderly residents should consider hiring them when making the decision to move. Changing homes is an immensely exhausting undertaking, and a good part of that is packing. Professional packing companies are fast, efficient, and will ensure your belongings reach their destination safely.


With all the stress of moving, particularly for the elderly, one way to make the physical move less stressful is by hiring a reliable moving service, such as Steele and Vaughn. A reputable moving service can handle as much of your move as you wish, from packing to loading to unloading and unpacking so that you can focus on what really matters—your well being. Call Steele and Vaughn today to consult and reserve your moving date: (336) 273-0546.


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