Tips for Saving Time and Money When Moving

Photo of boxes for moving in Greensboro NCDreading your big move coming up? Moving can be costly, stressful, and time consuming. But it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of great ways to save yourself some time and money whether you’re moving across town or across the country. Follow these tips and hire reliable movers in Greensboro, NC, to make your relocation as smooth and affordable as possible.

  1. Careful packing goes a long way. The order in which you pack things matters, as well as the things you should keep separate. One of the first things you will want to do is make the beds up in your new home, so keep the bedding in an easy to find place (perhaps your own vehicle). Also pack a suitcase or travel bag with at least 3 days of clothes and toiletries (more if you are traveling farther) in case it takes a while to organize everything. When you take apart furniture or other large items, put all bolts and screws and small pieces in carefully labeled Ziploc bags. Before you unplug electronics, take a picture of the wires with your phone so you’ll know how to plug everything back in. Take the time to pack carefully and you will save yourself a lot of time unpacking.
  2. Keep your toolbox handy. This is another item that may be best to pack in your own car. You’ll need tools first upon arrival at your new home to assemble beds and other furniture pieces. If your tools get buried at the back of the moving truck, you’ll have to wait until everything is moved in to start putting things together, especially your bed, which you’ll be dying to climb into and collapse.
  3. Keep track of your moving expenses. If you are relocating for your job, you may be able to deduct some of your moving expenses from your taxes. Keep track of how much you spend at each step of your move, including what you pay your movers in Greensboro, NC, so that you will have proper documentation when it’s time to file your taxes.

Hiring Professional Movers Can Actually Save You Time and Money

Thinking you’ll save money by moving your things yourself? While it may seem that way at first, the costs really add up. If you have to make multiple trips in your own vehicle, the cost of gas alone will be significant. Renting a truck comes with its own expenses, and then you’re still responsible for packing, loading, driving, and unloading. If your things get broken or damaged, there’s no way to recoup that loss because you were the responsible party. Save yourself time and money by hiring movers in Greensboro, NC. Don’t wait, reserve your moving date now with Steele and Vaughn. Call (336) 273-0546.

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