What Are Some Home Organization Ideas?

Photo of boxes for moving in Greensboro NCOrganizing your home can be life changing. Everyone loves to come home to a neat and tidy house, and it certainly is handy to know where everything is without having to sort through a pile of junk. But how do you go about getting organized if your home is currently not exactly the pinnacle of neatness? This article will dive into some key strategies that you can put to use.

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Remove the Junk

Everyone’s organization project should start with a review of what you need to keep and what should be tossed out. Of course, not everything in the “toss out” pile needs to go in the garbage – you could sell some of the items in a yard sale or donate them to charity, etc. It will be much easier to get organized if you are trying to find a place for fewer things to live with. Most people have plenty of stuff they never use and will never need, so this is an important place to start.

Also, note that you don’t have to wait until you are moved into a new place to go through your stuff and get rid of things. In fact, just before a move is perhaps the best time of all to get rid of things that are no longer of value in your life. This project will make it easier to get settled into your new place after the move, as you’ll have less junk to deal with. Also, it might even lower the cost of the move since you’ll have less stuff to transport from one place to the next.

Assign Everything a Home

Make sure that all your items have somewhere specific to live inside of your house. It doesn’t work to just set some things down on a table or in an extra room and figure out a spot for them later. That “later” tends not to come, and your house just stays cluttered. Everything should have its own spot, and those things should go back to those spots when they are not in use. Make sure everyone who lives in the home understands where things go and how important it is to put them back each time.

Containers are Your Friend

It makes it much easier to get organized if you can collect all your small items and store them together in bins, buckets, or baskets. Buying containers of various shapes and sizes will help you tidy up when you are trying to store things that don’t fit naturally on a shelf. For example, if you have a lot of small office supplies just sitting out on your desk, pick up a basket that can hold them all and be placed on a shelf. You will have quickly solved the clutter problem and you will easily be able to access those items any time you need to use them. Apply the container concept to as many areas of your home as possible and organization will be within reach.

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