4 Important Things you May Not Know About Renting a Storage Unit During a Move

storage unitsYou may have heard that the first step in getting ready to move is renting a storage unit. It can be a big help for many reasons. If you’re putting your house on the market, a storage unit can help with decluttering. It can make it easier for you to organize your possessions before a move, and even get your things safely moved to your new home. Before you get started, here are five important things you need to know about moving and storage in Greensboro, NC.


  • Not all storage units are climate controlled.

    Depending on what items you are storing, a climate controlled storage unit may be necessary. Climate controlled units sometimes cost more per month, but are also moisture controlled, which will likely keep your items in better condition. If you would typically store it in your garage or attic, climate control is probably not necessary. If you’re storing clothing, furniture, bedding, electronics, or anything that would be negatively impacted by heat, cold, or moisture, go with a climate controlled unit.

  • There may be hidden fees with storage unit rental.

    Beware of super low monthly rates or the promise of a free first month. Typically these offers are too good to be true. Once you get started on the paperwork you’ll find that added fees like insurance and start-up fees begin to add up.

  • Rates may not be fixed.

    Before you sign a contract be sure to ask and read the fine print about the rate per month. Sometimes a promotional rate will run out after a certain number of months and your payment will go up.

  • Different storage facilities have different cutoff dates for clearing out.

    When you’re ready to empty your storage unit, be sure to ask about the date the payment cycle cuts off. Most will give you a certain date of the month to have the unit cleared out and inspected to avoid paying for the next month. Be sure to let the storage facility know once you have cleared out your unit so that they can inspect and sign off on it to end your contract. Also, be sure to stop any automatic drafts. If you were sending an auto payment from your bank, be sure to cancel that with your bank.



Steele and Vaughn Offers Both Moving and Storage in Greensboro, NC

Since moving and storage services are so often needed in tandem, Steele and Vaughn offer both. Storage units and containers can be a huge help during a move, whether local or long distance. Declutter your home and have your things safely stored and moved so that you can access them when you need them. If you’re in need of moving and storage in Greensboro, NC, call Steele and Vaughn: (336) 273-0546.

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