4 Things to Consider When Moving with School Aged Children

kid smilingMoving is never easy, and there’s no perfect time or stage of life to do it. Moving with school-aged children comes with its own unique challenges. Whether the move is local or far enough away to require a change in schools, there will be an adjustment period before and after the move. Give the kids, and especially yourself, a little grace during that time and everyone will come through it just fine. Hiring the right moving service in Greensboro, NC can help take the stress out of your move and ensure that everything goes smoothly. Here are four of the most important things to consider when moving with school-aged children.


Moving can be a source of anxiety for kids.

  • No matter what the circumstances around the move (upgrading homes, a parental job change, divorce, etc.) school-aged children may feel some anxiety about it. As a parent you can:
  • Be understanding.
  • Show compassion and support.
  • Include the kids in the planning process so they feel a sense of control. Let them help pack and unpack and make decisions about their own rooms.

Kids may act out in anger and other negative ways.

  • You can expect that anxiety may take the form of anger. Children may lash out at parents, blaming them for the unwanted changes in their lifestyle. As a parent try to:
  • Remain calm. Speak to them reassuringly.
  • Listen. Just hear them out. Sometimes kids just need a safe space to vent their feelings.
  • Return to a place of mutual respect after the blowup.

Some kids may appear to be fine when they aren’t.

  • If a child is not acting up and seems fine, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are. What can you do to find out?
  • Check in with your quiet child. Ask them how they are feeling about the move.
  • Listen and assure them that it’s ok to feel however they are feeling.

Kids (in general) are resilient and they will adjust.

  • Most of the time, children will adjust perfectly well after a move. Some may take more time to feel comfortable than others. What can you do to help them adjust?
  • Allow them to decorate their own room. Let them pick out some décor items and colors that will help them feel more at home and excited about the new house.
  • Check in with them now and then and ask questions about how they are feeling. Assure them that they can talk to you anytime about their feelings.
  • If a child seems to be having a particularly difficult time adjusting to the move, consider other resources such as guidance counselors at school or your pediatrician.


The Benefits of Using a Moving Service in Greensboro, NC

With all the stress of moving with school-aged kids, make the physical move itself less stressful by hiring a reliable moving service in Greensboro, NC, such as Steele and Vaughn. A reputable moving service can handle as much of your move as you wish, from packing to loading to unloading and unpacking so that you can focus on what really matters—your kids. Call Steele and Vaughn today to reserve your moving date: (336) 273-0546.

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