Ask Your Greensboro Moving Company: What to Leave Behind When Moving

moving saleMoving can be a real hassle. But one good thing about it is that you have a good reason to lighten your load a bit and get rid of things you don’t need. There are also some things that should be left behind in a home after moving according to standard protocol. Get rid of as much as possible before calling a Greensboro moving company and you can save some money on your move.

Things to Purge and Sell/Donate

These are the things you should do your best to pare down before moving to reduce the number of boxes you’ll require, which could even reduce the size of truck you’ll need and make your move more affordable and less stressful.


  • Clothes – Go through your clothes and get rid of anything you haven’t worn in the last year, including shoes.
  • Electronics – Old computers, phones, televisions, game consoles, and all the wires and chargers that come with them should be donated or sold. Be sure to delete any personal information off of computers and phones before selling or donating.
  • Toys – If the kids have outgrown it or haven’t played with it in a long time, it should go. If your kids have a hard time parting with their old toys, consider selling them and letting the kids have the profit. Or take them to a donation spot and let them see how happy their old toys can make another child.
  • Anything broken – If you haven’t fixed it by now, you aren’t going to. Pitch it.
  • Anything else you haven’t used in the last year – Life is too short to hang onto items that have no meaning to you. There’s a method some use: hold the item for a few seconds and see if it brings you any joy. If not, it goes.


Things to Leave in Your Home as a Courtesy to the New Residents

There are some items that are required to be left behind, others that are typically left behind, and still more items that you should leave behind as a courtesy to the new owners. Your real estate agent can usually give you a list and help you with negotiations with the buyer about what will be left and what will be taken. Your Greensboro moving company will also know this information and can advise you in the packing and loading process.


  • Required items to leave behind: Anything bolted to the wall such as curtain rods, things in the ground like the mailbox and landscaping, built-in shelving, smoke detectors, and other items that are not so easily removed.
  • Typical items to leave behind: The refrigerator (although this is negotiable with the buyer), stove, built-in microwave, dishwasher, alarm system, light fixtures, other appliances.
  • Items to leave as a courtesy: Owner’s manuals and warranty information for any appliances that are staying behind, leftover paint cans, window treatments, a guide to outdoor plants and trees, spare floorboards, fence posts, and other extra supplies from any renovations.


Looking for a trustworthy Greensboro moving company?

Call Steele and Vaughn at (336) 274-0546 to get a free quote for your upcoming move. Reserve your date in advance to make sure you’ll have the help you need to make your move a success.

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