Moving Boxes: A Guide For Which Boxes To Use For Your Things

woman holding boxIt doesn’t matter if you’re moving across the country or across town, packing your things securely is important so that they arrive safely at your new home. A Greensboro moving company like Steele & Vaughn can pack your things for you if you want to be sure they are packed professionally, or they can provide you with professional quality boxes and packing material so that you can do it yourself. Here are some tips from moving experts on how to pack your furniture and other items in the right boxes to ensure that they get to your new home in one piece:

Use Book Boxes For Heavy Items

Book boxes or medium sized boxes are best used for heavy items like books, binders, school supplies, office supplies, and family scrapbooks. The smaller size will ensure that you don’t overload the box and cause it to rip or break or make it too heavy to move easily. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when packing items is packing too many heavy things in one box. You should plan on having many of these medium sizes boxes because they are great for holding a wide variety of items.

Wardrobe Boxes Are Best For Clothes And Coats

You can fit more items of clothing in a wardrobe box than in a regular box unless they are small items like children’s clothing. You can hang items in a wardrobe box so there is more available space. Plus, keeping nice clothes like suit jackets, blouses, and dresses hanging up will prevent them from developing serious wrinkles. Sweaters, coats, and other bulky clothing items will fit more easily into a wardrobe box. As a general rule, you should plan on having one wardrobe box for each person in the family for their regular clothes and then one for winter clothing or specialty clothing. For moving children’s clothing, winter hats and gloves, or sheets, towels, and linens, wardrobe boxes that are horizontal rather than vertical can hold a lot of items.

Dish Packs Hold More Than Just Dishes

Padded dish packs are fantastic for moving all sorts of items, not just dishes. Any fragile items like vases, picture frames, and decorative glassware can be packed safely and securely in a padded pack so that there’s no danger of the glass breaking during the move. If you pack creatively, you can even get small lamps and other breakable items packed into a dish pack. You should get at least one more dish pack than you think you will need because they are very useful for packing all kinds of items. Dish packs can also be used to safely move things like bottles of wine or liquor. Consider these if you have a wine collection or a fully stocked bar, or even if you have liquids that you need to move for a hobby like home brewing, soap and candle making, or if you are moving essential oils and other delicate items in jars or bottles.

When you’re ready to move, choose a Greensboro moving company like Steele & Vaughn that has years of experience to help you get all your household items safely to your new home.

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