Choosing the right boxes when moving in Greensboro NC

Moving can be a stressful experience, but there are two ways to make it a whole lot easier. The first is to start doing all of your sorting, discarding and organizing as soon as you know you will be moving. Of course, it is easier to do that on a regular basis so a big purge isn’t necessary before moving, but life happens and things accumulate over time. The second is to use the right boxes. Movers in Greensboro NC will tell you that it is hard to overstate the importance of this. Here’s why.

Photo of boxes for moving in Greensboro NCUsing the right boxes for moving in Greensboro prevents damage.

Sure, it’s cheaper to pick up boxes at the grocery store, but how important is it to you for your possessions not be ruined? If you look closely at moving boxes, you will see that they do not all have the same thickness. There is a reason for that.

Steele & Vaughn can advise you about which boxes to use for your grandmother’s china or your flat screen computer monitor. There are boxes made especially for glassware, which come with cardboard inserts for extra protection. There are specialty boxes for a lot of different items, so a quick chat with your moving company representative can be extremely helpful.

Boxes for moving are made to be stacked.

Your lamps may be of different sizes, but many will fit one way or another in standard sized lamp boxes, and these can be stacked. All of your books will be extremely heavy if packed together in large boxes. That is why book boxes are small.

For safety reasons and to prevent injury, a good rule of thumb is heavy things should go in small boxes and lighter things in bigger boxes. Again, always consult your moving professional. In any case, book boxes can be stacked on a dolly and rolled right into the truck, where they can be made to slide right off.

When you use specifically made boxes for moving in Greensboro, they will be uniformly sized. That means they will be able to be stacked and stored neatly, in a storage unit or in a moving truck. The expert movers at Steele & Vaughn are able to work more quickly and utilize space more efficiently when working with these boxes.

Boxes for moving will usually be available from the moving company you choose, along with other supplies such as bubble wrap, packing paper and tape. If you have an overly large or oddly shaped item, there are some moving companies who will create specialty crating for it.

If movers in Greensboro are packing up your things, even if only the fragile items, many moving companies include the cost of the boxes in the quote for this service. So you will want to double check if that is the case.

When comparing Greensboro movers, Steele & Vaughn stands out because of experience and expertise. Steele and Vaughn has been providing moving and storage solutions since 1934, so you can trust the team to take great care of all your household furnishings. Packing supplies are available, in addition to storage units, as well as both local and long distance moving services. Call 336-273-0546 to find out how Steele & Vaughn can take at least some of the moving related stress out of your life.