How to Make a Long Distance Move More Enjoyable

Moving a long distance from one home to another can be a challenge. As you get ready to take on this adventure, you may be nervous about what is to come. However, instead of looking at this move as an obstacle to be overcome, think of it as an opportunity to make some great memories with family or friends. When planned correctly, a long distance move can actually be an enjoyable experience.


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Plan Your Route Strategically

If you are working with an experienced moving company like Steele & Vaughn, you won’t have to worry about the route your goods are going to take to reach their destination. You should, however, take some time to think about the route that you and your family will take to get there.


Many people who are moving long distances across the country choose to drive so they can avoid the cost of shipping a vehicle or vehicles. This is a worthwhile strategy, and it opens up many possibilities with a bit of creativity. As you look at the map to plan your route, don’t feel compelled to stick strictly with the shortest distance. Consider adding some miles to your journey if those extra miles will allow you to visit some memorable destinations.


For example, the United States has an amazing National Parks system, and visiting these parks may not be something you have the chance to do regularly. So, if your move is going to take you near an incredible location like Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon, don’t miss the chance to stop by. Visiting one of these parks will transform your drive from something you have to do to something you can’t wait to experience.


Put the Small Details in Place

Even if you are able to plan some great stops like discussed above, there will still be some times when the road seems to stretch on forever and boredom sets in. Plan for those occasions by preparing yourself with the kinds of entertainment that you like to enjoy on the road. If driving alone, audiobooks are a great way to engage your mind on an interesting topic. Podcasts can work nicely for this purpose as well, or you may prefer just to listen to music from your favorite groups. Whatever the case, plan this entertainment in advance so you aren’t scrambling for something in the middle of your journey.

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