Moving and Mental Health

When thinking about the challenges of moving, you probably think first and foremost of the physical aspects. Moving is a lot of work, with plenty of heavy lifting and logistical puzzles to get everything where it needs to go. But it’s important to remember the role that mental health plays in this process, as well. The article below will dive into some of the mental health concerns that can arise when moving and how you might be able to sidestep those issues.


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Two Forces at Play

The experience of moving can play negatively on your mental health for a couple of reasons. First, there is the stress of managing the practical side of this process. You’ll need to pack up all of your things, move them to a new location, and unpack them once again. That’s not only a lot of work, but it can be stressful as you worry about whether or not everything will make it safely.


Beyond the practical reality of a move, there is also the emotional element of leaving one life behind to start a new one. This is particularly relevant when moving a significant distance away from people that you have developed relationships with over the years. Even if you are excited about the move for various reasons, you might feel sad about the potential loss of friendships and other connections that you’ve come to value in your life.


Dealing with the Practical Side

The act of moving is the easier of these two issues to address. Getting started early on the moving process can reduce stress as it will allow you to gradually pack your things up and not rush at the last minute. Also, partnering with an experienced mover like Steele & Vaughn will go a long way toward making the move easier. Put as many of the pieces in place for a smooth move as soon as you can and you’ll find that your stress levels naturally decrease.


Confront Your Fears

You don’t want to simply ignore the social implication of your move and hope that you’ll feel better about it later. Instead, address it by taking some proactive steps before you leave. Try to make plans with current friends for how you will stay in touch after you move away. Look into groups or organizations that you could join in your new area to make connections with people around common interests. For example, if you like to exercise, look for workout groups that are accepting new members and join before you even arrive. That will give you somewhere to go right away and you can begin making connections immediately. These steps won’t necessarily eliminate the sadness over leaving, but they can go a long way toward getting you settled happily in your new home.

Remember that moving is high on the list as one of the big stress causing events; so if your emotions are running high or you are feeling particularly sad, this is not unusual when moving and there is nothing wrong with you that you have these strong emotions. As always, seeking professional help if the emotions are too much is a good idea.


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