What Moving Services in Greensboro NC Do You Need?

Are you looking for moving services in Greensboro? Before you pick up the phone to start asking for quotes, take a good look at exactly what you will be moving, in order to determine what you want to do yourself and what you want to leave to the professionals. Depending on the items you want moved, the moving services in Greensboro NC you need could vary widely.

Full Moving Services in Greensboromoving services photo

If you treasure your home furnishings, and want them to have the maximum protection during your move, you may want to just open the door to the moving professionals and let them handle it all. Naturally, you will want to purge everything you don’t want to accompany you to your new residence, and maybe organize it all into the way you want it to be arranged in your new home. But, in essence, the movers will bring the boxes, do all of the packing, load up the truck and unload it on the other end.

Not surprisingly, the moving quotes in Greensboro that you receive will be higher for this turnkey type of service.

A Combination of Services

Some people prefer to have their fragile items carefully packed by the professionals, and pack up everything else themselves. Specialized containers such as wardrobe cartons, and boxes designed for books, pictures, lamps and more, make the moving experience a great deal easier.

Obviously, this will result in receiving lower quotes, because there will be much less professional labor involved.

Basic Moving

Old hands at moving around the country will not balk at packing up even their most fragile items. They are familiar with bubble wrap, moving boxes and packing paper, and have no trouble taping two picture boxes together to fit an oversize wall hanging.

These people only need the most basic of services, which is loading up on one end, transporting the contents to a new location and unloading them there. If you’re not moving anything as precious as your great grandmother’s china, this may be the best and most affordable option for you. Moving quotes in Greensboro for this type of service will be lower.

Steele and Vaughn was founded in 1934, and provides moving services in Greensboro that you can trust no matter what level of service you need. The team at Steele & Vaughn is qualified to provide sound moving advice and excellent care of your valuables, as well as supplies for your move. So call 336-273-0546 today to discuss your move, whether you need full service packing, specialty crating for oddly shaped items, or just boxes and supplies.