If Greensboro Movers Are Helping You Downsize, Check Out These Space Saving Ideas

Oversized couch in a small space photoDownsizing your home definitely has its perks. Less maintenance cost, less time cleaning, and lower energy bills are all popular reasons homeowners make the leap. But moving from a larger space to a smaller one requires a bit of planning and strategy. Read on for tips from experienced Greensboro movers on space saving ideas for moving into a smaller home.

Declutter Before You Move
Taking inventory of the things you have versus the things you need is the first step in making a smart move into a smaller home. Over the years you can collect items in attics, cupboards, and closets that you forget about. Go through your home and box up the things you no longer need so you move less things into your new space.

Prior to Moving Day, Prepare Storage Space in Your New Home
In a perfect world after you declutter, you have just the right amount of things that will fit in your new home. But life is rarely perfect; so expert Greensboro movers recommend eliminating potential problems by preparing for them in advance. Equip your new home with extra shelves in your closets, install floor-to-ceiling storage shelving units, and set up under-the-bed storage. Stair drawers and under-stair drawers are also innovative ways to store your stuff out of sight. Preparing designated areas to store your things will help reduce the stress of acclimating to a smaller space.

After You Move In to Your New Home, Design with Size in Mind
If your new home is a mix of colors–repaint it for an instantly larger look and feel. Light colors can make rooms appear larger and cleaner. Well-placed mirrors and minimal furniture will also help clear the space so you can clear your mind and enjoy the perks of your new smaller space.

Expert Greensboro Movers Will Safely Transport Your Items to Your New Space
Reduce the stress of moving and put your space-saving ideas to the test. Spend moving day making the most of your new home and leave the hard stuff to be taken care of by Steele & Vaughn, your premier Greensboro movers. Steele & Vaughn is a full service moving firm with more than 80 years of experience moving your most precious personal belongings. Call today at (336) 273-0546 and make moving day a breeze.