Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving

One of the tricky things about moving is that you probably don’t do it very often. If you are like most people, you’ll only move a handful of times in your adult life – meaning you don’t get much practice with skills and techniques that go into the moving process. Steering clear of some common mistakes can help you have a better moving experience, and this article will dive into five such mistakes below.

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1 – Packing Heavy Boxes

When possible, you want to avoid packing up boxes that are going to be too heavy to move reasonably. Cardboard boxes are not particularly sturdy, and a heavy load may cause the bottom to fall out of the box – leaving a mess and potentially breaking some of your things. If you have heavy items to pack up, use small boxes so the total weight of the box doesn’t get too high. Large boxes are best left for lightweight items like clothing or linens.

2 – Failing to Label

It’s easy enough to think that you will remember what is in all of the boxes, so labeling might seem like a waste of time. It isn’t. Taking the extra few moments to label your boxes will save you tons of time and frustration later on. After a hectic moving process, the boxes will all start to look the same and you’ll find yourself digging through them just to find one or two items. Do a good job labeling and the whole experience will be easier to manage.

3 – Hiring an Inexperienced Moving Company

You want to have experience on your side when moving to a new home. There are many companies that will help you move your things, but it’s not worth the risk to go with one that hasn’t been in this business for a while. Moving an entire house full of stuff is a complicated task, and it requires professionalism and the right equipment to handle it properly. Go with a proven name like Steele & Vaughn and you’ll be far more likely to enjoy a seamless move from start to finish.

4 – Packing Everything

When going through a move, you will want to leave some stuff out so that it is easy to access as you need it in the coming days. These are basics like toiletries, some clothing items, and personal electronics, among others. If all of your stuff is boxed and taped up, you won’t have any way to access it and you might find yourself feeling frustrated and uncomfortable until you can open up the boxes again.

5 – Expecting Perfection

The right attitude going into a move is one of flexibility and patience. Most likely, things won’t go exactly as you planned, and that’s okay. You can still get through the process and wind up in your new home sooner rather than later, but there might be some bumps you have to get over first. Knowing this reality going into the process is going to reduce your stress level and keep everyone in the right frame of mind.

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