7 Time-Saving Hacks for Moving Day

There is a lot to do on moving day. Even if you are nicely prepared and have everything as organized as you can get it, there is still sure to be a rush when the day arrives to get things done in a timely manner. To help you cut down on some stress and finish up this process as quickly as possible, the article below features seven time-saving hacks for you to consider.


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1 – Labeling is Essential

This is one of the big keys to a successful move – you need to have everything clearly labeled so you and your moving company know where it is supposed to go in the new house. It only takes a matter of moments to label your boxes once they are packed up, but taking that step can make a massive difference in how the move plays out.


2 – Create an Essentials Bag

On moving day, you are still going to need some basics available for you and your family, including your wallet, personal electronics, any medicines you take, etc. It would be easy to waste a lot of time trying to find these things if they are all packed up or put in places around your current house. Avoid that frustration by collecting it all the day before and putting it in a single spot.


3 – Use Good Movers

A quality moving company like Steele & Vaughn can make all the difference in this process. With experienced movers that understand the process and how to safely load and unload your items, everything will go better.


4 – Hit the Ground Running

There is nothing like an early start for getting ahead of things and not running out of time later in the day. Do your best to get to bed early, so you can then get up early and get to work right away. It will be worth it in the end.


5 – Utilize the Garage

If you have a garage space in the new house, use that area as a staging area for anything that doesn’t have an obvious landing spot inside. You can tell your movers that anything without a label can just be put in the garage, and they won’t have to waste time looking for an answer.


6 – Account for Kids

Families with children should plan in advance to have someone else in charge of those kids for the day, if at all possible. There is a lot to manage while in the process of a move, and it’s all going to take a lot longer if you need to provide care to your kids at the same time.


7 – Use a Storage Unit

You might want to think about using moving storage units as a temporary holding spot for some of your things to streamline the moving process. With boxes and other items piled into a storage space, your movers can easily empty out that unit and head to your new home.

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