What to Do with the Moving Boxes

When the moving process is all said and done, there is likely to be at least one physical reminder of all the work you’ve done – the leftover moving boxes. You may have a large number of empty boxes now piled up in your garage or spare bedroom. There are a few different ways to put those old boxes to good use now that they are done transporting your things.


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Put Some to Use in Your Home

Cardboard boxes might not be the prettiest thing to keep around the house, but they certainly can be functional. Specifically, they work nicely for storage in your garage, so don’t throw them all out as soon as the move is over. Review your collection of boxes and pick out those that are in the best condition. When you have things that need to be stored for a long period of time, your leftover boxes could make for an ideal solution. For example, if you have some holiday decorations that you only use once a year, those might live in a cardboard box in your garage until the holidays roll around.


One of the nice things about using cardboard boxes for home storage instead of something like a plastic tote is that cardboard breaks down flat when not in use. So, if you keep some boxes on hand, you can flatten them out and find a good place to store them where they won’t be in the way. Then, when one is needed, it can quickly be constructed with a little tape, and it will be ready for duty. You’ll have less clutter overall than if you didn’t use any boxes at all, but you won’t have to spend the money or take up the space required for plastic containers.


Make It Fun

You can actually use cardboard boxes for a bit of fun, especially if you have pets or kids. Your cats may love to play with the smaller boxes, so consider using one or two for them to explore. And kids can come up with many ways to turn these leftover boxes into a good time, using them for forts, castles, and even as a makeshift canvas for some artwork. Why spend more money on toys when there is free entertainment waiting to be used in the garage?


Ask Around to Donate

Just because you are done moving doesn’t mean that everyone else is settled in their homes. Within your circle of friends and family, it’s likely that someone is always either in the moving process or is thinking about moving sometime soon. Through the power of social media, it should be easy to figure out who may need some boxes. Ask around in person or online and you should quickly locate a family that would love to put your old boxes to use for their own move.

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